Lately, I found out that baking or cooking relieves my stress. When I cannot think, when I cannot write script or when I’m just too lazy to do anything – or any work because of stress. I found joy in whipping something in the kitchen.  While I concentrate on measuring the flour, sugar and other ingredients – the stillness serves me just right. As I am used in multi-tasking, in baking or cooking, multi-tasking is not advisable. If you want your family to enjoy what you have cooked or baked and not a disaster meal or cookies – you have to pay attention to what you are doing.

Right now, I am trying to bake lemon squares. With the help of my two lilliputians, the lemon squares is already in the oven – baking. I can smell the aroma right now. I like the smell of anything baked. It makes me feel that I am really home. and visitors like the smell too. It gives them a truly homey feel.

And while I am distressing while sifting the flour and the sugar – my girls are slowly learning the love of preparing food. The art of patiently waiting for the cookies to be bakes. They learn how to sift the flour and sugar, melt the butter, and the best thing is when they sprinkle chocolate chips in the cookie batter. It makes me think that I am after all – at home and a mother.

I don’t have enough baking sheets and pans but whatever baking equips we have we just make the most out of it. Besides, cookies are really that good when you made it at home with the one you love.