So now that I cannot brush elbows with the celebrities because of star restrictions…Julie’s mascot got all my attention. That night, the mascot was more appealing than the stars. hahaha.. Julie’s Mascot TF: 400 pesos. Time of appearance on stage: more or less 4-5 minutes. Time of dressing up the heavy mascot costume : More or less 15-20 minutes ( with the help of everyone who was around).
Chai’s Team for the Karavan. Well done. 🙂 
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For some strange reason, I raised my hands ( up in the air!!!! ) and volunteered to help during the Kapamilya Karavan. Last time, I was in charge of the PR, meaning, I was with some national press people for a day, touring them, letting them eat, coordinate everything for them. I met two great connections there in TV and in print.
 threw my hands up in the air, I thought I would be assigned either in the production or PR again- but I was told I am going to be the personal assistants of the artists. Well, many people are drooling over this post. I remained cool and unexcited – which some people find really strange. Well, my starstruck days are over. Altough, there’s some few celebrities in my bucket list I am dying to meet. I am not so head over heels with celebrities anymore.
Yeah right, I thought I would have the grand time with the stars – but it turned out differently.

The event was jam-packed, many people attended the once a year event with big stars performing live while the people got soaked of sweat under the heat of the sun and got soaked wet with rain, some collapsed, some were trying to act collapsed – just to get near with their favorite artistas. It was one of the worst job assignments to me – well, good that I had friends around – but otherwise, well, my lips are sealed.

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