I know you would be wondering why it is called as complicated puto – it’s actually my husband who called this as complicated puto.

For a week now, we couldn’t find the puto cups so we could steam puto. Thus, one afternoon, when I was in the mood to cook something for merienda, I decided to get away with whatever mold we have at home. So, I decided to use the leche flan molds. I think it’s convenient too. We settled for 3 leche flan molds for the supposed to be puto cakes.

It turned out well. I was hesitant at first if the puto is already done but my hubby said that when it’s already shiny and bouncy then it’s already done.

I had to slowly take off the puto out from the molds so it won’t stick. Then I had to put the puto on the plate upside down. Then transfer it to a plate by using another plate to let the shiny part of the puto be on its top side – you know, for production values purposes. LOL. then I had to put butter on top and some grated cheese.

While doing the inverting puto trick, my hubby was closely watching and he was actually laughing because for him, all he had to do was to eat the puto straight from the pan. 🙂 Well, I had to be very creative when it comes to food preparation so my girls would also learn from what I’m doing. I had to be a good example to them. Wafi’s very interested to cook. I always involve her whenever I cook something for the family. I want my girls to learn the basic skills in life, like cooking, I don’t want them to end up hungry or eating at fast food chains when they have their own families. 🙂

That’s the story of the complicated puto. 🙂