Since these photos were taken last January and the experience wasn’t fresh in my mind. I had to write this time a photo essay instead of a full written blog.

My first trimester during my pregnancy kinda made me a bit lazy so there were a lot of stories remained unwritten.

But I promised myself that I have to write this blog for my children to read when they are all grown up, I had to write my blog, one step at a time.

The photos were taken last January during our taping at Today with Francis on GMA Life TV. The show is aired in 19 countries and we are already on our second season. My hubby and I write the script, I direct the show  and my hubby edits the episodes. Perfect tandem. 😀

So here you go.

According to the owner, we were the only TV production allowed to have a peek inside their factory. Those little boxes are the katialis. The skin ointment which cure most of the Filipino families’ skin diseases. 

It’s a busy day inside the factory. They have about 60 employees.

That’s Carla Fortuna, married to Alvin Fortuna, one of our host’s good friends. Carla’s family owns the business. His Grandfather was the one who discovered the secret ingredients of Katialis. The business has been running for over 70 plus years. It was established sometime during the 1920s. I think her grandfather was inspired to discover katialis because of the war in the Philippines.Many of our countrymen that time couldn’t afford to pay a doctor for skin diseases so these boxes which you can buy at less than 20,00 pesos did a great wonder over the years.

Lorenzo Laboratories give jobs to people in Bulacan. 🙂 This part of the factory is the packing section. The laboratory is clean and only a few outsiders are allowed.

The magic potion of Katialis. Try to figure it out 😀

Anicent mortar and pestle. This is where the Dr. Lorenzo concoct the skin ointment during the 1920s. 🙂
The facade of the laboratory situated in Bulacan.
These are the first containers and labels which the family preserved. 🙂

Super old weighing scale used to weigh the ingredients for Katialis

Oh, this is our production Logo 🙂