Relish Restaurant | Quezon City


This restaurant is the most photographed among all the other restaurants we visited. Every nook is really picture perfect. Can’t help but to take pictures. 😀

RELISH ROASTED CHICKEN WITH TARTAR SAUCE. What i remember from this dish is the herbed rice. It’s really good. Actually everything they served was really to die for. All the meats are tender and juicy. 🙂

This signage will welcome you to a super Relish experience 😀 😀

i love the font and i love the quotes you’ll find in the restaurant. 🙂

We had been to Romulo’s in Makati and Cerchio along Quezon City, both restaurants are owned by the famous beautiful couple Yong and Ivy Nieva (Ivy is the popular interior designer, remember the Almario sisters?)

For the third time, we’re going to feature one of their newest restaurants called RELISH. It’s located along Tomas Morato in Quezon City, it’s very close to ABS-CBN thus it explains why you can catch some celebrities popping up in Relish.

If you had been to Cerchio, Relish is just beside that black and white themed restaurant.

One of the surprises during our taping was one of the assistant chef is a Bicolana. So while we’re prepping up, we had a little chat with her. Too bad, because we’re too busy, I wasn;t able to take a photo with her.

So, here you go, another restaurant I recommend you to visit while in Metro Manila 🙂

I love their placemats. It’s not paper, feels sturdy 🙂

writing the spiels at Relish 😀

Outside lounge. This will also serve as waiting area when the restaurant is jam-packed 😀

Girly stuff. How cute. 😀

mini cakes on display

Everywhere you look, you can see nice stuff. Ms. Ivy bought these cute stuff from her travels abroad 🙂

PASTA WITH TRUFFLE OIL :)My first time to taste food with truffle oil. 😀 

So, what’s a truffle oil?

According to Wikipedia:

Truffle oil (olive oil with Tuber melanosporum).

Truffle oil is a modern culinary ingredient, used to impart the flavor and aroma of truffles to a dish. Most truffle oils are not made from actual truffles, but are a synthetic product that combines a thioether (2,4-dithiapentane), one of numerous aromas or odorants found in truffles, with an olive oil or grapeseed oil base.[1] As with pure olive oils, these range from clear to cloudy, and yellow to green.[2]
Truffle oil is commonly used to make “truffle fries,” which feature
French fries tossed in truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, pepper, and
sometimes other ingredients. Some pasta dishes and whipped dishes such
as mashed potatoes or deviled eggs incorporate truffle oil.[2]
Truffle oil, available in all seasons and steady in price, is popular
with chefs (and diners) because it is significantly less expensive than
actual truffles, while possessing some of the same flavors and aroma.
The emergence and growth of truffle oil has led to an increase in the
availability of foods claiming to be made with or flavored with
truffles, in an era when the price of truffles has pushed them out of
reach for most diners. “Their one-dimensional flavor is also changing
common understanding of how a truffle should taste,” Daniel Patterson
complained in a New York Times article.[3] Gordon Ramsay has referred to truffle oil as “a chef’s dream,”[4] but has referred to white truffle oil as “one of the most pungent, ridiculous ingredients ever known to chef.”[5] However, Heston Blumenthal, owner and head chef of The Fat Duck, uses it in some recipes.[citation needed]

that’s one of the perks of the host.He’s gonna eat everything first.



Everywhere you look, everything’s an eye candy. Everything seems perfect 😀
How lovely. So, English 😀

I finished the Pasta in truffle oil