Grill platter. Good for sharing. 🙂 around 300.00

Dinuguan manok. Fer’s favorite 🙂

Bob Marlin prepared a feast for us 😀

Kare-Kare,another favorite of Fer 😀

Bob Marlin Coolers. Around 120.00 per pitcher with different flavors with minimal splash of vodka 😀

Our last food taping in January was at Bob Marlin Restaurant owned by the ever generous Tito Jorge and Tita Cristy Palma, the reggae themed restaurant has been on its existence since the late 1980s. It started as Cristy’s Kamayan, then they tweaked it to a more hip restaurant thus Bob Marlin.

I won’t be blabbering about Bob Marlin anymore because I know you already have tasted their to die for Crispy Pata – their best-seller! 🙂

so, here goes my photo story:

The famous Bob Marlin Crispy Pata, crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside 🙂

Grilled squid, just right to the bite

Bicol Express and Laing, appetizer 🙂

Atty, Francis and Tita Cristy, both enjoying the limelight

that’s the crispy pata again. 🙂 can’t have enough. hahaha