Another photo story due to my laziness during my first trimester of pregnancy. It was really tiring to go around Metro Manila, but I always look forward to tapings. I don’t want to miss any tapings, especially when it comes to food segments. I don’t want to miss that out. Never mind the celebrities, I’m over with the starstruck syndrome – well, maybe with Regine Velasquez, I will go out my way just to have an up close meeting with her.

It was my first time to meet the celebrity chef Bruce Lim. There were already raves about his cooking and his restaurants both located at BGC at the Fort. Unfortunately, one of his restaurants, The Chef’s Table folded up due to its location which was not that accessible, unlike the Chef Lab which we just visited.

He’s one of the nicest chefs I met, kind, approachable and very down to earth. Chef bruce Lim, big, bald and bold (when it comes to food) also has his own cooking show at the Food Network on Asian Channel. So, he’s really a celebrity chef. He grew up in US, and inspired to share his talent to all the Filipinos. 🙂

You may visit his restaurant at the BGC. It’s just easy to locate since it’s just beside the road. Parking is no problem, there’s parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. 

So, here you go. 🙂

Braised salmon with glaze 🙂 this one is a sure hit. 🙂 really yummy and succulent

That’s Chef Bruce Lim. I think he has a nice name, it’s like Bruce Lee. Very easy to remember right?

One of my favorite dishes he prepared was the Pasta Aglio Olio with tuyo. I love it so much that I finished one serving. When Chef Bruce learned that I’m on the family way, he cooked another serving especially for me. 🙂

See, it’s done! we finished it all.

This is the menu 😉 don’t worry about the price. Everything is for sharing 🙂

Chef Bruce’s Crispy Pata.

The Chef’s table has promos and discounts too, besides that they have the specialty for the day for you to order easily 🙂

Senator Chiz Escudero was able to join us during lunch. He’s on his way to the airport, but stayed a bit after our interview. Heart stricken. hahahaha 🙂

Well, here’s my perk! My Aglio Olio Take away. Would you believe that this food even reached Bicol, I reheated it and it was still good to eat! 🙂

That’s Chef busy in the kitchen. Almost all his male staff are bald too. Good hygiene in the kitchen 😀