Eating in the van. I don’t want to get hungry cause migraine really hits me hard. So, it’s okay if I eat on the road 😀

Our interviewees at times treated us to a restaurant. This time, we were in one of the good restaurants (Sorry, forgot the name:( ) I love the cheese pizza and the lemonade. Took some to eat at the hotel too 🙂

This is usually how our hotel room looks like. newspapers and camera equips plus food go altogether 😀
A little chat with Relish REstaurant owner, Sir Yong. 😀 
Sometimes, I got lucky too. That’s Toby Alejar (not our interviewee) but he just appeared on our location. Incidentally, he’s the part owner of the restaurant 😉
GMA 7 uprising star, Benjamin Alves. He’s Piolo Pascual’s nephew. He’s the only celebrity I had a loooong chat with. We have the same major in college, English Lit. 🙂
Three cheese pizza! A must-try!
After the shoot, we all eat together. That’s Bob Marlin’s owner, the ever-charming Tita Cristy 😀 
That’s how our hotel bed looks like when we’re all rushing for a shoot 😀
TV and pizza while trying to catch some sleep 🙂

We usually take off from Atty Francis’ posh condo 🙂 so while waiting for the bus home, I took a nap 😀