So far, I guess this December 2013 was the busiest December I’ve ever had. I will post here a sort of a photo essay  to make writing and recalling of the events easier.

December 31, 2013
We spent our last day of the year at the posh Avenue Plaza Hotel. Through the kindness of its owner, Mr. Alan Cu, our Deluxe Room was upgraded to executive suite. Not bad too end the year and start the next year so lavishly, with my family. 

Baby Mikee enjoying the soft bed of the hotel

We received a welcome card when we got in our room.

3 girls slip-ons
Super Girl! 😀
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My treasure.

December 30 Bichara Christmas Party
 Christmas party with the Bichara employees. These are the people I grew up with. These are the people who reminds me of mom. They are like family. 

December 26  Von and Kaye’s Wedding
Naga Metropolitan Cathedral
Avenue Plaza Hotel 

 December 25 Christmas Day
We decided to eat out on Christmas Day.

To be continued…