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If you’re a Mom who spends money and
time wisely, this adventure for a very minimal cost is for you.

I took my girls out for a train ride
one hot summer afternoon. (Actually this has been my long time
promise to them.)

For those who are not familiar with the
PNR schedule, the commuter train has two schedule. One in the morning
at 5:30 am and one in the afternoon at 3:30 pm. You will get to your

Gaby and Wafi inside the commuter train

 (if you chose for a Libmanan joyride).

All you have to do is : 

1.Wear  light
2.Bring your camera (for documentation, but don’t take a lot of photos, so you could also enjoy the ride with them> )  
3. Turn off your mobile phones so you’ll
enjoy the sights and sounds around.

PNR Naga Station
Take some photos to document the ride. They will love to look at these photos when they’re all grown up. 
That’s our ride.
They love the window seat.
Gaby and Wafi awed with the poetry they see in motion.

From Centro of Naga, you may want to
walk going to the PNR station, that would take you around 10 minutes
or so. Or you may take a tricycle,that will cost you 8pesos.

The train ride costs P20.00 per
passenger bound to Libmanan. The ride is around 45 minutes. No, it’s
not an airconditioned train. You don’t feel that warm because there
are ceiling fans. Though, when the train is full, it’s really warm.
If you want a longer ride, the end point is at Sipocot. That’s more
or less P25.00.

What we did is we went down to Libmanan
at 4:25 and went to get some refreshments. 7-11 is 5 minute walk
from the train station. The train will leave Naga at 5:05pm, so
you’ll have 30 minutes to quickly explore the place. If you leave in
the morning, I guess it gives you more time to explore the area, even
go for a swim, there are nice waterfalls in the place, quite secluded
but very accessible.

ice cream break to beat the heat.
Yes, ceiling fans inside the train
Libmanan Station
Libmanan church

What we did was we dropped by at the
church. Disappointed though that there are no banana que vendors or
halo-halo on the side of the street. So, we settled for some ice
cream, crackers and chips at 7-11 convenience store. Then walk our
way back to the train station.

We’re around 10 minutes early for the
next train ride and we spent our time talking and eating chips, plus
we took some photos while waiting.

My budget

Fare to PNR 16.00

Fare Naga-Libmanan

Fare Libmanan- Naga

Ice cream and chips

Back home (we walked)


P 206.00

Train Commuters chatting while waiting for their ride.

One fastfood meal will cost you around
75.00 each for two, you’ll pay around 150.00 plus add ons on
desserts. But train ride is different. You’re giving beautiful
memories to your kids. Happiness isn’t always an instant meal. We
give them rewards with one happy meal. But does that really make them
happy? They will play with the toy for a day or two. And then, they
forgot all about it.

Sometimes, we have to give up some of
our convenience and usual things we do. I know we’re all in a rat
race. We sometimes give our kids instant fun, reward them with an
instant meal, just to make us feel a little less guilty. However,
with some effort, we can give our children a better alternative to

There are actually a lot of ways to
find enjoyment and build beautiful memories with your children
without spending too much.

Train Schedule

My daughters find it really enjoyable
to ride the train. Gaby said, the destination isn’t something to look
forward to but the journey is really worthwhile. They enjoy looking
at the ricefields, passed by so many trees, crossed rivers, they
counted bridges and watched the sunset on the train.

Gaby and Wafi enjoying their summer