When you’re a stay at home mom, you don’t have any choice but to oversee everything. For almost two months, I do most of the household chores, except for cooking, Fer makes sure that he cooks healthy for us. For almost two months or so, there’s more vegetables and fish on our table. If there’s meat, it’s just chicken. Later did Gaby and I realize that eating meat is like a habit. When you eat it all the time, your taste buds will be craving for it. Now, because we’re used to eating more vegetables and fish, we now forget to even ask for pork or any meat. I sometimes spoil the kids cooking fried chicken every now and then. Maybe once every two weeks.

Anyway, because I am a stay at home mom for the meantime that we’re still on a look out for a maid. I usually let Gaby do some cooking when our hands are free from Mikee (read as: Mikee sleeping ).

Here’s Gaby’s Banana Fritters or  in Tagalog,   Maruya or Baduya in Bicol.

Peel the bananas or saba

Ask your sister to help you out : D

If you need more help, ask your younger sister’s playmate to help.

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Flour and milk for a more tasteful banana fritters

dredge the bananas into the mixture of flour and milk
Cook. Get the high stool if you get tired. 😀 It usually takes 3 minutes or so when cooking banana fritters

When it’s golden brown turn over the bananas on the other side.

No Finish product. haha. Because Wafi’s playmates are around, as soon that the banana fritters hit the table,it’s all gone. 😀