Dear Gaby, Wafi and Mikee,

Mom is not the best and perfect mom. I have lapses. I am writing this after the JMR Day, August 18, that’s two years after one of the best guys I know in Bicol died because of plane crash. Mom volunteers to take part in the event. When I volunteer, it means I do not get any cash. But the memories are all worthy of my time, I assure you. I would like you to be like a bit of me (but not too much,sometimes, I think I am overdoing it. So, try to be very rich first before you help others, you’ll help more for sure). Mom is cool and helpful.

Frustrating that  I do not make it to lunch or dinner sometimes, maybe, most of the times. Mom might missed out some of your assignments and things you in need in school. Mom is not perfect. But Mom is doing things which you will be proud of her when you’re all grown up. I am not rich – but the memories I have shared with people and with you makes me feel like a big billionaire. Sorry for all your Mom’s shortcomings.One day, you will understand why Mom is not perfect. You will love Mom’s imperfections and craziness.  I love you more than my life.



Having fun backstage.

This is my second time to sleep in SM Event Center in Naga. I always sleep anywhere. Power nap is important to keep Mom going.

That’s Mom and the crowd. 😀 Plaza Quezon. 8.18.2014

I do odd jobs and I don’t mind.

One of Mom’s frustrations is not having a farm to plant all the trees and flowers and herbs that I want. But I help distribute tree saplings for those who have a backyard to plant trees.

This is at SM during ingress.

Mom loves to take photos. Selfie generation. I don’t know what generation would you belong when the three of you are all grown up. Can’t wait to have a selfie shot with you.

Mom eats on the street. See, I’m not maarte. Mom is a cowboy. I’m so hungry here. Can’t go inside the venue yet because I need to eat. It’s a memorable experience. It was fun.