You go to a SPA to relax. You enter to an aromatic place with subdued lights, soft music, tea light scented candles,   smiling attendants, and you’d like to sit forever in those comfortable chairs!

But, sometimes, you’re hesitant. First, you worry about the price. Is it too expensive?   But come to think of it. Don’t you deserve some pampering once in a while?

MySpa, now my favorite spa.

Front desk: you will out a form and choose the kind of service you want.
We’re ready for this Spa moment!

You will be greeted by a friendly front desk staff
The comfy chair for foot spa!

Second,  you’re intimidated with the
undressing part, right? You have this inhibition to take off your
clothes and submit your weary and tired body to a therapist. It’s always
the dilemma of my friends. No matter how aching their bodies are they would always settle for a simple foot spa.

My body scrub body is BLUE! She obviously doesn’t like the color!
Time to relax! Forget about all your worries!

with my Kumareng Apple. She had a Body Scrub!!!!

But the thing is : when you are in the right spa and you have efficient therapists, you’ll forget about that
intimidating part. MySpa is one of those Spas which instantly made me feel comfortable. 

With my last visit with fellow Bicol Bloggers, I opted for a body scrub. My body is longing for it for the longest time. When I was in Legazpi, I canvassed for a good spa with body scrub and I was taken aback with the P1,200.00 rate for an hour body scrub. At MySpa, body scrub is only at P600.00, imagine  half the price!

Body scrub with dead sea salt

at the sauna with my body scrub buddy, Ivy. 😀

Along with my body scrub buddy, Ivy, we both chose the dead sea salt to rub our skin.  It’s one of the best body scrub ever. The therapists massage the sole of our feet (shrieks!) and her hands rubbed our body using loofah with oatmeal soap.You will love the smell of the oatmeal soap!

After she rubbed your entire body with the oatmeal soap, using soft cloth she rinsed us with warm water! Oh I so love that feeling!

Then the rubbing of the dead sea salt!  It’s an hour of rubbing our body. with the dead sea salt.  All over. I mean all over, armpits,
bikini area, neck, butt (lol, seriously!), back,  thighs, palms,  ankle,
feet, toes – every inch of your body! And your skin will feel so
relieved and smooth and shall I say squeaky clean.

I felt so relieved. Distressed. Happy!  Imagine, I am a mom juggling my hands with work, husband, kids, managing the house and all sorts of everyday things! That was really a treat. A treat I needed so badly!

That’s our bed. You lie down and you forget about the noisy world. Surprise, your things won’t get lost there’s a small cabinet underneath the bed!  😀 

That was the kind of body scrub I want! I want brisk. fast. swift. fierce!  I want that “sore” feeling of the salt!

 I don’t have the privilege to stay in the bathroom for a long time because I have a toddler who needs me at the beck of her cry. So, this one, this dead sea salt rubbing was really like a Christmas present.

Surprise part!

After the body scrub, you’ll take a shower. Then when you get back there’s a hot chocolate ( Tsokolate de batirol)waiting for you and cocoa lotion to make your skin baby soft. If you’re generous enough, spare some tip for your therapist. <3 It’s always better to reward a little something for them,a little reward to make them smile. 😀

So, now you understand that it’s okay to get bared. It’s okay to get rubbed. Your body deserves it. I will be back for sure. Next time with my hubby. (I’ll rub his back, he’ll rub mine! ) LOL.

This is the best body scrub. ever!

Word for the day: Distressed.

Am I  going back? D e f i n i t e l y!

The friendly staff of MySpa.

We all go home with clear skin and revived bodies plus we smell fresh!

You won’t miss this signage

MySpa promo:

Body scrub for 80 minutes + full body massage  –  P850.00

Package: ( I highly recommend this. I think this is worth your money!)
Body scrub for 80 minutes + full body massage + foot spa – P1,000.00

Photos : Nick Pahati
some of the photos are mine. 😀 

For more details:
Peñafrancia Ave.
Naga City, Camarines Sur,Philippines
4737828 | +639984333251