Mommy on staycation!Woohoo! ­čśÇ
Relaxing at Crown Hotel

I was invited to a staycation with a bunch of bloggers. young. yes, young bloggers! I am the only mommy in the group. But, I don’t feel like it.

Pillow fight!
The #SSSstaycation gang at the Plaza Quince Martires

I always have this feeling that  I stopped aging at the age of 25! Most probably this is the reason why I look younger compared to women my age.

And the feeling-25-forever is in my mindset. (Oh eureka! maybe this is my own version of the fountain of youth! )

My body feels that way, young, energetic, tireless! Yeah,  I don’t get easily tired . I can dance for two hours without having leg cramps or any body pain. I can stay until the wee hours of the morning and although in zombie mode, I can work. My hands are full with work, family, home management, meetings, travels, lots of things!

Life has blessed me with a youthful and healthy body.

Okay, going back to being the only mommy in the group. I don’t mind. I kinda enjoy the company of young people. I get to see a different perspective in life. I get to listen to their kind of music, or to their own lingo. Duh, ROFL! LSS! Wattpad! I know this way, I can probably understand my girls when they’re all grown up and these bloggers’ age.

I am a mommy of three pretty girls. I love them to the bits! 

But,  I’m a mother of three girls, hello! People my age would expect to be spending time in the kitchen than eating out with the bloggers. People would expect me to be in the house with my kids instead of taking photos.

These are my girls. Gaby, 14. Rafy, 7. and my baby Mikee 17 months old.

 People would wonder why I am in the company of young people. But, occasions like this, it’s my ME time. The time where I get to do things that I like to do. Eat, talk, take photos,  share, and eat again. That’s why the invite for a staycation is just in time.  Jo said, it’s time for me to relax. Indeed, she’s right. It’s an invitation to relax! And I welcome it with my open arms.

And yeah, the experience has been great!  yeah, darn great!  Thanks to Apple and Jo for organizing. Grateful to my hubby too for taking in-charge with the three girls  while mom’s in staycation. 

Bratanella cupcakes for everyone

Food is great at Mama Enga’s, the lechon kawali was totally unforgettable! I was able to try again the healthy green soup at Cafe Frederico. Bigg’s fish creole’s definitely delish!

Bigg’s has always been supportive of the Bicol Bloggers. They prepared a lovely spread for us. Totally enticing!

The interview with Sir Fred was sentimental (I guess, I am the only person who gets senti)

The most unforgettable melt-in-your mouth, oozing with flavor lechon kawali at Mama Enga’s! watch out for your cholesterol level though

Sir TR is so generous to treat us with an overnight free room accommodation, then pamper us at MySpa with full body massage, foot spa and of course, body scrub!!
 Bratenella’s cupcake added a little surprise at the instant Spa party!  The taxicle ride was fun! My kids would have loved the taxicle ride. I’m taking them to a taxicle ride of their life soon.

The best means of transportation when you’re in Naga!

At the sauna with Ivy

Only the body grows old, not the mind, not the heart. So, I think I belong. LOL
At the Plaza Quince Martires with some of the park artists in celebration of the arts month in Naga City every February

I didn’t get to join the bloggers amazing race. I have to go back at home to cook lunch.

It’s my first staycation with friends. yes, young friends! And I enjoyed their company. No generation gap. I guess. ­čÖé

Generally, it’s a well-deserved breather for a busy mommy like me! Another blogger’s world breakthrough. (wink wink!). It’s a short  vacation but very memorable.

Thank you to the following for making the staycation a memorable one:
(check them out when you’re in town)

Crown Hotel 

Elias Angeles corner P. Burgos Sts.,
Naga CityCamarines Sur, Philippines

They have a free shuttle service to and from Pili Airport daily. Contact the hotel at (054) 473 8305 for bookings.

Facebook Page:
New website will be launched SOON!

Bigg’s Diner

Cafe Federico

Crown Hotel
2nd Level, New Crown Hotel
Elias Angeles corner P. Burgos Sts.,
Naga CityCamarines Sur, Philippines

Mama E├▒ga

P. Burgos Corner Pe├▒afrancia, Avenue, in front of Emily Theater.
 Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Naga City Taxicles

Contact Mr. Raffy Duque at 0907.654.7676


Pe├▒afrancia Ave.
Naga City, Camarines Sur,Philippines
4737828 | +639984333251

Bratanella Cupcake | 09176550132