Noel Cabangon said to us, don’t worry,  we can never go wrong, God is on our side.

I remember that line of Noel like a mantra. For some strange reasons, it made me reflect on a lot of things. 

It’s only in this event that I happened to realize that I already have managed countless events. When somebody asked me how many events I’ve handled, I enumerated to her several of my big events and she said, that’s a lot. How were you able to handle that? You have kids, a family. Where are are you getting all that energy, the balance?

I couldn’t answer for a while. I have to ask myself too. And I remember this one quote that said “Find a work you really love, and you’ll never work in a day.:  Maybe that’s my driving force. I never look at this job as work.

Lay out of this poster is designed by Jerome Ordovez

I always look work as an experience. A chance to meet new friends. Maybe, along the way, I can stumble upon a good opportunity which can develop my knowledge in the events section, or with my other interests,  or talking with people, I can learn new insights from them, or who knows I might just hit a jackpot in one or two big events soon?! ( crossing fingers! ) Or most importantly, it would make me a better person.

behind the scene work
The Noel Cabangon and The Sam Brown. LOL

IF you’ll look at it, this job pays well. But actually not much. At a lot of times,  I give discount. I try to be very friendly when it comes to my rate. So there.

 With celebrities I have photos with on facebook, I feel happy and proud about it. But,  it’s not at all that fab and glam.

Underneath that smile and pose on facebook with a rock star, a famous ballerina, a folk-singer,  heart throb, sexy star,  I’m just working. At the back of mind, “there are  a lot of things to do after this photo op!

A radio announcer from Legazpi interviewed me about my work and asked me how do I handle clients?  I told the radio lady, first, I stretched my patience to the max. I don’t get irritated, I try hard to be kind to everyone, client, technical people, artists, janitors, every single one of them involved in the production.

Full house!

Secondly, I’m always eyes to the ball at the event. I take care of all the loose ends. From the smallest problem to the biggest headache!

Thirdly, the pressure is always on the producer and more often than not, they pass on the pressure to me. I try to be sensitive to their needs. I try to be relaxed when clients are stressed out. I try to be friends with them make things easy for them. One has to lead the pack.  I handle their problems and most of all I listen.

I always put on a good show, no matter what. I just have to nail it!

And finally,I am passionate with whatever I do. I give my best shot all the time.There are loop holes, I failed in other things, I overlooked some details. But I accept my weaknesses and mistakes and I take a mental note of it and make sure that next time, it’s going to be a lot better.Nobody’s perfect anyway.

I don’t sleep until the last straw is settled

Took this photo after the rehearsals. First to arrive. Last to leave.

Coincidentally,this event “Byahe” is aptly titled. Personally, it’s also my own journey as an event specialist.

Whilst being sentimental,let’s save it for later! For now, let me take you to the Byahe concert highlights!

  • There are actually 4 front acts. I just had to assure myself that God is testing the audience’s patience.It went a little out of hand because there are really many good performers in the front act. We could have started the show early on. Another thing to learn. 🙂

  • This is for the only event that I had to add chairs because the venue is literally jampacked. Full house! Sold out!

  • The only event too that there’s shortage of food. People really spent time at the cocktail buffet. Next time, I know better what to do.

  • We were able to use a newly built stage intended for a rustic wedding courtesy of Russel for our concert. God moves in mysterious ways.
Idol.Crush. Babe. LOL 😀

  • Noel Cabangon, the folk singer, who sings socially relevant song,  is an uber-ly nice guy. He’s a semi-vegetarian. So I made sure to have a special plate for him. Thanks to Chef Gerald Panghulan of Flavours for the dinner.

  • Noel’s humming and singing the song “heart of mine” on our way to Legazpi Airport.

  • I was able to haggle food for everyone, although I forgot to eat the entire day. My energy level was in maximum blast that time.  
    Noel’s band members ( the one on the right, the lone guy, made us wait at the airport! Therefore we missed eating our lunch.)
    Plugging of the show in ABS-CBN Marhay na Aga Kapamilya. Father, the name’s Jonathan not Mike! LOL

  • I got some photographers who work for free during the event. The media was cooperative was well with the radio and TV guestings.
The ladies and the guy. 😀

  • Ma’am Judy Azur was a nice lady who feed the kitty for this benefit concert.  Mommy Eves and Mommy Ellen and Ma’am Esting helped with the selling of the tickets. Ma’am Lydia ( and hubby) were the ones left at the entrance table and took care of the ticket sales.   
  • The success of the event is in the meetings and with the help of these people.

Ma’am Chuck was helpful with the technical requirements and the rehearsals. Father Jess, did he ever get angry? LOL. Ma’am Malou is efficient with her ticket inventory. Jerome was a big help too with the AVPs, lay outs, and other technical requirements. He’s a kind guy, I guess he’ll marry a kind girl too. LOL. 😀

Besides them, there are countless and nameless people who shared their talent and skill for the event. 

I gained new friends!

Luckily, I gained a friend in Ms. France or Kikay to close friends. She’s one person I think would never get angry. soft spoken and kind, we’re opposites, but we kinda jell. 😀

Father Dan (Brown) on the guitar! 😀
Coffee, two days after the event

It’s fun to work with these people, the people from the Parish of Calabanga, especially Father Dan. (Dan Brown!)

Thank you Father,  I learned to take my mobile phone with me in the comfort room so I won’t miss your calls. Because that’s his only complain to me. I’m not picking up!  Hello?! He’s a priest, so I have to pick up the phone! LOL!

This is another awesome event. Teary eyed when Father Dan and Noel both thanked me on stage (it doesn’t happen all the time in my events).

Thank you Meg, Jerome, Rom.

Thanks to the following sponsors: (there’s a lot, I’ll mention a few)

Thanks Chef Gerald Panghulan of Flavours

Red Platter
Jack’s Blue Plate
Flavours Gastronomica
Champagne Garden
Byte Force Technology

Ms. Melody Ordonez of UNEP (for sponsoring our dinner) 

ABS-CBN ( Madam Amy Villafuerte)

With Mike of DWNX

RMN-DWNX ( Mr. Al Ubana)
M.O. R
Bicol Mail
Bicol Standard

And  to Sir Allan Cu of the Avenue Plaza Hotel, along with Ms. Carol, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Sheena and Sir Jerome. Big thanks to all of you!

To our audience, thank you all for coming and supporting this event. May God bless you for your kind hearts. 

As I continue my journey, I’d like to take all of your memories  and friendship with me to my next “byahe”

Thank you!


Sam Brown

“Noel Cabangon concert is a fund raising event for the construction of the altar ceiling of La Porteria Church