My friend told me I am a stalker of this folk singer. He had a concert a month ago and in less than a month I am in Manila to catch him perform live. I cannot get over Noel Cabangon or as I always tell them, hindi ako talaga makabangon.
I can-not-move on! Can-not! His songs are my forever LSS!

Dream come true: Conspiracy bar. Bucket list, check!

I love this place. I’m at home.

every corner spells and spills with art

Can’t believe that I’m again with my ultimate idol/crush/LSS Noel Cabangon but this time with my super best-friend, Monet

I am very selective in music and with singers. If I like singer, I would play the singer’s playlist over and over again as if there’s only one singer in this planet. I admit that after the concert, I became also an instant fan of Noel Cabangon, just like some audience who watched his concert last February 20.

We ordered for margarita and gin tonic and some squidballs.
Kilig much. We’re seated just in front of him!

Joey Ayala’s in the house! How lucky can we get?!

I’m kinda tipsy here. haha. I was expecting a hug. But yeah, he remembered my name and made beso beso and I’m so kilig na. (sorry, can’t contain my happiness!)
My selfie at Conspiracy Bar

So, because I was already in Manila and I was so eager to drag my bestfriend to see him perform live, we went to Conspiracy Bar. I always dreamt of seeing this place for the longest time. It’s two birds in one stone. I was really ecstatic that night. I really didn’t mind the long travel from our place in Taguig to Quezon City. It’s worth the travel. We even got lost.

We came late but we were surprised that The Noel Cabangon actually reserved a special table for us. As in, in front of the stage. first row. VIP! oh it was awesome. And luckily Joey Ayala was there and he performed too, just out of the blue!

Entrance of Conspiracy. Very welcoming

and that’s my BFF with my BF(di nya alam hahaha)

This is the kind of feeling that you want to keep in the deepest corner of your heart and when I am old and grey I would be retelling this story over and over and over again to my grand children.

Conspiracy Bar is an artsy fancy place. You can actually smell art and feel art. It’s a haven for music lovers and artists. I’d been dreaming of seeing this place for soooo looongggg (I have to mention this again! haha.. just to reiterate!)  I would definitely take my girls here when they’re already all grown up.

We will definitely come back, soon!

Awesome. Memorable. Unforgettable night. We had a music orgasm that night. (I could almost get pregnant! LOL !!! )

Noel Cabangon, you definitely swept my feet away. I will marry you in my next lifetime. Chos!

I am a certified Noel Cabangon fan. Stalker? nah. just a die-hard fan.

Memorable lines :

Joey Ayala : This isn’t my guitar. It’s different when you play others’ guitar. It’s like sleeping with somebody else’s wife. It feels so good but it’s not right. 😀

Noel Cabangon: Sheila, punta ka sa Batanes (Me: kahit bumabagyo, basta kasama ka, Noel. hahahah )

Noel Cabangon to Monet: Di na daw matiis ni Sheila.

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Happy Listening!