From the moment I found the place under the searing heat of the sun, it sends  off automatically a deja vu chills!

It’s as if there’s someone who whispered to me to look right and indeed, I’m on the right spot! I found Poison Cauldron, an old house with big pink open windows, and big trees around the house. 

There’s that certain smell of old houses and even the old books. It brought some joyful shivers in my spine. and I told myself, I am home.

Old houses always struck me as interesting. Mainly, because I also live in a Pre-Spanish era house. Secondly, my Mom and I are paranormal lovers. We like the world of the unknown, ghosts, ghouls, lost souls, aliens and crystals and spaceships  (Well, off topic! This will be another post in my blog).

Here is my Top Five Reasons Why Poison Cauldron Library Cafe  is worth your visit!

1. Books!

     Lots of it. If you’re a book worm, this place is your sanctuary. There’s a variety of books from romance to thrillers, Self-help and even Children’s books. Total Haven for book lovers!

 2. The Ambience.

 The character of this Library Cafe will surely have a connection with your inner soul. Just listen to the flipping of the pages of the book, the footsteps on the stairs, the sudden gusts of wind from the window…

The Children’s corner. There are board games like chess available for free use 

 3.  Witchy Food

    I ordered an Elixir. Whether of not I am ready to get poisoned with it., P35.00 is worth your buck for a purple lemonade. The Chicken Rotini at P95.00 is good for two already. Serving is hefty and food is good.  I have to try their Cauldron Blueberry Cake next time.

     All the food they are serving has some witchy names.How cool is that?

4. The LOLA. 

The Lola is the ghost in one of the photos taken at Poison Cauldron. Many guests have seen her. She actually doesn’t like noisy people, according to the owner. So, might as well, read and avoid creating too much noise.  

When reading is the purpose of the place and food is only secondary.
Poison has the Story of O book, the most controversial and sensual book by a French author. All in Purple!
Another part of the second floor of the Library Cafe

 5. Art.

This is an artsy place where you can hang your paintings or doodle when you feel like it. The tables are full of doodles and paintings and love messages. Maybe you can find your Forever here. 

For this month, Poison Cauldron focused on doodles. The customers can doodle on the board.
Sticky notes for a cheesy love message or during my visit, the theme is What is your darkest secret????
According to the owner, Ms. Cres, the place is open for poetry readings and art exhibits, even book launches or other related events. I guess this is also the best place for palm readings or tarot and fortune telling.   
The place is brimming with creativity itched on inks on the tables and walls. Love messages splattered in different colors of sticky notes. The whiff of air sends some poetry ready to be written. Love is lost and love is found. When you are ready to get poisoned with all the above things I mentioned, then visit: 
 Poison Cauldron at Arboleda St.,Barangay Ilawod, Daraga, Albay.  
(If you see Caltex in Daraga Centro, just take the street, just go straight and you’ll find the big old house. If not, ask around, If not return, it’s not yet your time to visit) 
or when you’re desperate already : 0927 207 9188

or click their facebook page here Poison Cauldron

So lucky to have met the very friendly owner of Poison Cauldron

And I found my nook here. spent a couple of hours reading, daydreaming and even sleeping.
This is part of the Second Floor which I really find eerie for no reason at all

Food for a Gypsy Soul like Sam Brown

More hashtags maybe on my next visit

Don’t you just have that Deja Vu feeling? That feeling when you’ll say, I’d been here…