Chinese by heart (and  stomach)

I studied in a Chinese School from Elementary to High School. My Dad worked with a Chinese boss, Mom was fond of hopia, tikoy and kiamoy, dikiam and
 ma-ho. Our family loved Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Needless to say, although we’re definitely not Chinese, but of course,  we know that we might have Chinese blood from our ancestors (or maybe not?), our family seems to have a connection with anything Chinese.

The Emperor’s Treat
With the Bicol Bloggers

The last time I remembered I had my fill of dimsum was somewhere along Penafrancia Avenue, now China Bank.

There was a Chinese restaurant situated right on spot of that location. I vividly remembered that dumplings were being wheeled around on carts by servers. It’s hot and steamy and served in  round basket steamers.

Spring Roll Vegetable P150.00

When our family dined in it usually served as out appetizer.  It’s ready to eat and served usually in three or four pieces bite size dumplings. I remembered how fun it was to choose from the dimsum cart. Chicken feet (extra spicy please), pork sio-mai, hakaw, ma-chang were my family’s favorite.

This happens every time, shooting before

Missing Ongpin 

Whenever I’m in Manila, I usually go to Ongpin and eat Chinese food. You may want to read my other Chinese food experience  here    and  here .

A little history 

According to my research, the dimsum was actually made popular because of yum cha or “tea tasting”.

This is actually already enough for me

The travellers usually needed a place to rest and so they need to have a cup of tea. Because of this, slowly, they  build tea houses along the road for the wary travellers. Because tea aids digestion, the tea houses added snacks which are bite size, so they came up with dumplings. No mess, easy to eat.

Dimsum actually is  an on-the-go food. Perfect for travellers, students or office workers.

Dimsums are usually pork, prawns, shrimps wrapped in rice flour or wheat starch. It’s carefully and skillfully done and it’s usually steamed or fried.  It usually served in small portions. It’s perfect with tea.

Always perfect with tea

Crown Fried Dumplings P180.00 for sharing

Going back,  when the waitress started putting the small steamers on our table , I couldn’t help but to remember the good old days with my folks. The days when I remember the waitress carted dimsum to our table. I remember that moment. I can even remember how the red table cloth felt on my arms.

Empress Siomai P90.00

So whenever I eat dumplings, I always share it to my folks up there who taught me the proper way to eat dumplings,  and to use chopsticks, the Chinoy way.

Anyway, before I get overly sentimental over a bite size and ready to eat delicious dumplings, I am sharing with you some photos I took during our dumplings treat at The Park Restaurant in Crown Hotel in Naga City.

You may want to try the other variety of dimsum., like chicken feet, hakaw, ma-chang.

And don’t forget to ask for service tea, it’s complimentary. 

Of course, dumplings are so good to eat with chili sauce!
3 in 1 bola bola Siopao P100.00  


Buchi-Buchi P100.00

For your Chinese food cravings, please visit The Park Restaurant at  Crown Hotel in Elias Angeles St and The Park at SM City Naga and Pacific Mall in Legazpi City. 

For inquiries, please call (054)473-1845