It was like a magical wand just splattered a sugary glitters of cakes and cupcakes and tarts and ice cream and brownies and cookies and oh all that sweet stuff you could imagine in different shapes and sizes and colorful containers!

The Bicol Bloggers invaded the sweetest event in Albay in the merry month of December 

It was like a dreamland of sweetness and you’re right at the smack of all these, frozen and lethargic – puzzled and dazzled on which to eat or taste or to take home!

Well, that was what I was feeling when we were ( Bicol Bloggers )  at the Desserts Unlimited in Albay last Christmas of 2016.

Almost all of the sugar fairies of Bicol gathered in one event to showcase their products at the Activity Center of LCC Mall in Legazpi City, Province of Albay.  

Everything you wanted to see in the name of desserts, you’d find it there.

What struck me most was the Pili Pulp Ice Cream made by Bicol University Students. Who’d ever thought of making the pili pulp into an ice cream?!  I can see a wonderful future of this product by these young entrepreneurs.

It’s a two day sweet affair with prizes, and surprises, with Santa Claus and winning the Bingo, with talks and free tastes. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take my girls. Next time, for sure, I’ll take them with me! 

For more information about the stalls;price range and contact numbers (which you may find on the pictures too)  :

So you better be nice till next Christmas! Hohoho!  

C and Little Sweets  09177800470 
chocolate pops at 12.00 or buy per box at P55.00  

Candy kabobs 20
Chocoflan -120
Cupcakes 15 

Gillian cakes 
Banancake 20 
Moist Pili brownies 220  
Occasion  cake 1200 
Special Price of cakesP900.00   
Fruitcake 230 
Cupcakes 35  

The Cho Co. 
Smores/ Fried Oreo, pastillas 
Price range around P12.00 each 

Simshady sugar and party plus 
Price range at P35.00 for cupcakes 

Pili Pulp Ice Cream 09162009040
One cup is P25.00

The Chocolate House
I guess they’re famous for their smores and chocolate pizza 

Lyz cheesecakes
All cheesecakes are at  80/slice

Tasse de cafe  
Slice of brownies is at  P30 
or  250/box 

Camote creations 
 1 box  is at P150 

Carlyle’scake jars  09212891901 
Blueberry and 
Oreo cheesecakes at P75.00

My sweets page 

Sweet daphline
 Carrot cupcake is at P90.00 
 Brazo de mercedes cupcakes 70

Delish by margaux 

 Crinkles P100.00  
 Yema P150.00  

Mafi’s cupcakes
 Square 30
Blueberry and mango cheesecakes  around P60.00  

 Sweet surprise by yumi 


Chubby’s cakes and cupcakes
 Mini fondant cakes choco moist   P200.00 
 Cookies P15 
 Mini cupcakes choco and vanilla 75  

My sweet o cakeSions 
P150 for 6 pieces of   cupcakes 
P80.00 yema carmel and cheesy ube  
Meringue 40

It was indeed the most wonderful time of the year!  See you next Christmas!