As Atlantic Bakery celebrates its 50th year making Bicolanos happy and healthy with their freshly baked breads;  Atlantic Bakery launches its first TV ad competition. 

Now, with 25 branches Bicolwide, Atlantic Bakery is inviting groups or individuals who are interested in TV ad making.  Ms. Kim Poon, one of the person behind this campaign said that Atlantic Bakery is bent on looking for fresh TV ads from creative Bicolanos who after all are the customers of Atlantic Bakery.

For more information, please read the details below : 
Competition Brief:

We are calling commercial and media enthusiasts to create a television ad that inspires others to promote living healthy by eating fresh food specifically bread and pastry to deliver that message through generations.

At Atlantic Bakery, we strongly believe in living healthy—thus our bread is made without preservatives added. We acknowledge the role of families in taking care and nurturing their homes to be happy. We like to deliver these values with the help of the broadcast media to the families in Bicol. 

Ads should contain positive messages that could, for example, show what people can do to live fresh, happy and healthy lives every day to what we can do as families, communities, countries, and as global citizens.

The submitted work must include the Atlantic Bakery Logo. Entrants submit their ads to Atlantic Bakery and give all the rights to publish the material.
Important Dates: 

Registration of participants is until April 10, 2016 at 5:00 PM
The deadline for submission of entries is on May 15, 2016 at 5:00 PM.

Interested participants may visit any Atlantic Bakery store or contact Ms. Eloisa,
4739196 for inquiries. 

Who may enter:   

The 1 st Atlantic Bakery Regional TV Ad Competition is open to all organizations and individuals interested in the process of developing and producing TV commercials/advertisements.  

What to submit: 
 Entries must be submitted on or before May 15, 2016. Entries should be submitted burnt  on a single CD/DVD containing your High Definition Quality entry in one of the following  file formats: .avi .flv .mpeg .mp4 .wmv or .mov. 
 Upon submission, registrants will fill up  Official Entry Form.  Entries with incomplete required information or incorrect technical specifications are  disqualified.  
Copyright and patents: Submitted entries must be an original, unpublished work.  The entrant is responsible for  the contents of the advertisement which cannot include copyright protected material. The  entrant must have the rights for all the texts and images used in the submitted work.

The advertisement must not benefit any other company, organization, political party or  official interest group by the use, for instance, of logos, brands, or representatives or  corporations, parties or organizations.  
The advertisement must not contain any nudity,  lewd, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate  content.   There can be no reference to the identification included in or on the entire artwork.  However, all submissions must be clearly linked to its author. Creative credits will be  requested if your artwork is chosen as a winner. Creative credits for your artwork will be included in possible exhibits.
Participants agree to grant Atlantic Bakery, competition media partners, an  irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, license to use, copy, exhibit, publicly  display and distribute their submitted entry for any use of Atlantic Bakery.Any decision made by the organizers in any matter relating to the TV Ad competition is considered final and binding. Atlantic Bakery cannot be held responsible for force majeure, should the TV Ad Competition have be modified or cancelled.

Judging Criteria:

The 1 st Atlantic Bakery TV Ad Competition judges represent all aspects of the
advertising and promotion industry. Entries will be judged on the judging criteria and
compete head-to-head with other entries within their specific category.
Originality (includes Innovation)
Creativity (include editing and use of the medium)
Memorability (include impact and recall)
The members of the board of judges are experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of the current state-of-the-art in advertising design and technology and the objectivity to score entries according to a predefined set of criteria. 


The 1 st Atlantic Bakery Regional TV Ad Competition Awards will be given to those entries that the judges rate as best within each industry category. All awards will be given during the awards  night on May 29, 2016.
The winners will receive cash prizes, trophies and gift packs.

  • Student Category Product Ads  – Grand Prize: 30,000.00; First Runner Up: 15,000.00
  • Student Category Corporate Ads – Grand Prize: 30,000.00; First Runner Up: 15,000.00
  • Open Category Product Ads –  Grand Prize: 30,000.00; First Runner Up: 15,000.00
  • Open Category Corporate Ads – Grand Prize: 30,000.00; First Runner Up: 15,000.00

Entry Fee:

Participants should have an accumulated or single purchase of at least P250 worth of any  Atlantic Bakery bread within the registration period. Receipts should be attached to the  registration form before submission. 
Get your entry forms now!  
Are you ready for the challenge?