Today, I will look at desserts on a different perspective. Because behind the sweetness and the sugar coats and the chocolates, there’s an inspiring and sentimental stories to tell.

Because life is like a box of small cakes… you enjoy it.
Sugary flowers!

The puff pastries according to a very inspired guy   was told to have been folded for days for perfection.And it was heavenly.

The cupcakes are just as sweet as  well as the wonderful story of the entrepreneurial spirit of the woman who baked it.

The crepe, it’s thinness and smoothness as the filling just burst into your mouth. How come it reminded me of how the woman, a teacher from a far away town, dreaded the path of her comfort zone and did something she herself did not expect to do.

The French macarons, it’s unforgettable. Just like a lost love, you will always long for the way it tastes and melt in your mouth.

Foccacia bread from now on will be eaten with the feeling of being hopeful and courage. As this bread reminded me of the story about a woman who never been in the kitchen but fearlessly faced her anxieties.

Doctors get to say Hello from the other side, as one doctor get to try a whisk instead of the injection to divert some of her creative energies into baking.

or the story about a stay at home mom who never baked in her life, but decided to learn baking because she wanted to bring some home made goodies for her kids’ school activities.


 There will be more stories to tell next time. Sometimes, the desserts you enjoy eating is as interesting as the person who did the baking for you.

Next time, you feel like grooving your way into the kitchen,it’s about time, that you click your mouse  HERE FOR MORE DETAILS



The dessert queen, Chef Connie Condeno
We were able to take some sweet treats to share with our families.




Healthy choice: Carrot Cake




French Macarons at its best.
Opera cake







Focaccia bread