From the time I started to love having succulents at home, I never stopped having them. There’s this itch that every time I acquire one succulent after another – the desire is insatiable.  I therefore, am a succulent addict.

Last Sunday, my day off and “me” time, I decided to visit the nearby town of Sto. Domingo. Roughly, it took me only 20 plus minutes or so, hitched on my friend’s motorcycle. The air was breezy, sun is not too hot, it was the perfect weather and it was a perfect ride – where you can smell the fresh air,  mesmerized by the vast green farms, cows grazing and the beautiful Mayon as the background.

I first visited the Sto. Domingo church, said a little prayer, then I headed to the supermarket, plaza, and finally the beach!

Not only for plants and my love for succulents and nature, I hope the following  reasons might make your trip interesting and worthwhile in Santo Domingo, Albay.

                                                           1.  Mayon

Such a beauty and a perfect sight especially when you’re just driving a motorcycle. It’s God’s way of telling you that He’s just everywhere.

Beautiful Mayon along the highway

                                                       2. The Sunday Market. 

Where you can buy the fresh produce of the town, name it they have it! You can also get some succulents and ornamental flowers near the Municipal Hall.  Even export over runs and ukay ukay. I was able to buy a Zara shorts and a Divided blouse for my daughter. It’s definetely a bang in the buck!
Fresh produce
Some export branded overruns


Shoes! All for a very cheap price!


Sunday Market


Everything’s here!







Pansit at P10.00/plate


There are a lot of Carenderia along the market, so you won’t starve.



Breakfast for three costs us P137.00 with rice, pansit, fried eggs, bologna ( o deva soshal! ) and cups of instant coffee!


A big succulent! I didn’t buy since I have a very small space in my garden.
3.  The Beach 
There are rows of beach resorts which you can choose from. Entrances usually range from P75.00 up. Cottages are usually affordable, and if you plan to stay overnight, it’s around 750.00 for two pax add P200 for extra bed. The price varies for each resort.  Last time, we chose Sarung Banggi beach resort. It has children’s pool and a pool for adult. Black sand beach is also accessible. You may opt for a “paluto”. Fresh ingredients are available at the market. And it’s around 5-10 minutes away from the resort.
The black sand beach


Chillin’ at the pool. Flowing water!


Children and adult’s pools located side by side.
4. Love of plants! 
Masetas Garden is just a little away from the boundary before you leave Santo Domingo, Albay. On you way home you can stash away some greens and you will love the variety of plants in their garden.
Such a steal! bought this atP100.00


This one is at P100.00 too.

Masetas Garden contact numbers : 0918-298-6037
San Isidro, Santo Domingo, Albay



5.   Andres Bonifacio Monument
According to some sources, Andres Bonifacio lived for sometime in Santo Domingo. Albay whilst this monument. I guess this is only the Plaza I’ve gone to sans Jose Rizal.
Plaza of Santo domingo
6. Potenciano Gregorio, Sr. 
The famous compositor of the classic song Sarung Banggui hailed from Santo Domingo, Albay.


Looks like a small museum intended for Potenciano Gregorio’s memorabilia. It was locked when we visited.  I had to extend my arm against the grills just to get this photo. I hope they will improve this, clean up a little, add some music perhaps to make this a tourist attraction.
7. Santo Domingo Church
This church with baroque design is a must-see.


You have a view of Mayon from the church.

So, there! 7 reasons to visit Santo Domingo, Albay. This town is around 15-20 minutes from Legazpi City. If you’ll commute, double the minutes, you’ll pay P18.00 jeepney fare.