With the entry of national brands in supermarkets and shopping malls, a homegrown mall in Bicol is fighting back as rivalry over a limited market gets ever more intense.

LCC top guns cut ribbon at the relaunch of the LCC Supermarket in Naga City

LCC top guns cut ribbon at the relaunch of the their supermarket in Naga City

Liberty Commercial Center (LCC) Supermarket has revamped its look and upped its services as it faces mounting competition as newer Manila-based chain malls invade the area.  Bicol Mommy was there at the relaunch event to see what changes have been made and if, indeed, these would be good for us local consumers.

Located in the city’s south-western sector, the LCC Supermarket at Felix Plazo Street in Bgy. Sabang, has been serving its own niche of loyal customers for years now, being one of the early entries to the mall sector here.

Wider aisles, more offerings

While this is not exactly a full review, here are a few things I noted:

To make things more convenient for shoppers, LCC doubled the size and  made the aisles wider while also widening the variety groceries especially in the fresh produce section. LCC Supermarket also doubled the number of check out counters, made the entrances to the grocery wider, and even offered hard to find products like imported meats, wine, cheese and a lot of various nuts. The grocery also emits a natural ambiance with its fresh and easy on the eyes interiors.

The new look,  I guess, marks a turning point for LCC. The new look, and feel, replicates that of their LCC Supermarket concept at the Ayala Malls in Legazpi City. They even had a City Cafe, a gourmet cafe offering coffee and fresh hot traditional breads among others.

LCC: An old brand

For others who don’t know, LCC has been an old local brand, established in 1945 in Legazpi City by its pioneering owners Mr. Tan Chu Lim and his wife Mrs. Tan Sy Sa. It was previously named as Liberty Bazaar, a small store patronized by the Bicolanos that was later named Liberty Commercial Center.

LCC’s move to level up is just in time. Word is, another major mall, another national player, will be coming to the Region. LCC tries to differentiate itself by banking on being home-grown – their tagline says “LCC At Home Kita Igdi”.

I personally support local brands, but as a mom, I always compare prices and put my budget on top of my choice of supermarket to go to. In my next blog, I’ll compare prices of groceries in Naga City.

Will moms benefit?

Shoppers are supposed to benefit from all this competition.  You know, better pricing schemes. More polite store clerks.  Discounts. Free shows. Everything remains to be seen.

Amid the frenzy built up by what could be a brewing mall war in the city, I am sure moms in the area will continue to patronize establishments that best fit their needs.