I love to cook breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day. My day would be a lot easier, smooth flowing, less anger when my stomach is full in the morning. As they would always say, it’s the important meal of the day.

But maybe because at breakfast, it brings back a lot of memories.  I would always remember our yaya, Tiya Trining. She was pleasingly fat, hips and butt swaying when she walked, loud laughter,  dark skinned woman who now reminded of the Olivia Spencer’s character Papa in the movie,The Shack.

Tiya Tri who always wore a floral duster dress had this hearty laugh that was very contagious. She usually prepared two sunny side-up eggs for me every morning because she told me I was too thin. Everyday, she would always prepare the chilled corn meal “bulgor” cake  because it would add up some fats to my very frail teenage body. I was a picky eater but her cold corn meal is the best. I would eat it everyday of my life. I gained some weight but not that much, but I didn’t got sick. I was always up and about playing with the goats and ducks under our house. It was the best of time, I would always remember Tya Trining and her chilled bulgor cake.

Food could really be nostalgic My girls would associate the food I cooked for them with certain memories. The chicken sandwich spread that I prepared for them a long time ago was memorable to my eldest daughter. She said, it tasted like Christmas. I felt happy, imagine, my food tasted like Christmas. Even her classmates said so. One time, I let her bring sandwiches to her class party and she said it was s hit. Her classmates told her it was delicious. Gaby was so proud of me and my “Christmas” sandwich.

For today, I was able to bake breakfast muffins using goat milk instead of the usual fresh milk or evaporated milk. I think it’s more healthy. I just mixed all the ingredients like flour, baking powder, baking soda, eggs, goat’s milk, butter, onion leeks ( because I didn’t have scallions), bacon and cheese. It was a simple recipe, 20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes in the oven. No frills. Just plain breakfast muffins.

I don’t know how I would be remembered with the muffins I baked today. But one thing is for sure, my girls would always remember me when they would have a bite of muffin, anywhere in the world. I hope just like how I happily remembered Tiya Trining, my children would also remember me the same way, a happy mom who baked breakfast muffins for breakfast.

The recipe was inspired from my favorite food blogger https://casaveneracion.com/onion-and-kesong-puti-carabao-milk-cheese-breakfast-muffins/

click the link for the recipe.