Lunch at UCC 
French Toast 
Sunday Something …hahahha.. i forgot the name of this but it’s really yummy 

Eating is my favorite part during our travels. As it gives nourishment to me, at the same time, it gives me a break from my monotonous home food. I mean, I like home-cooked meals, I love the restaurants here in Naga – but when you’re out there somewhere – totally foreign to you and you don’t even know what a Poqui-poqui is – you can’t help but to explore in your wildest imagination – the gastronomic delights every town or city has to offer.

So for our first stop:

Day 1 May 19 2012 Saturday


Breakfast at UCC in Rockwell. Well, this is UCC Rockwell. So what can you expect but a high-end breakfast. A breakfast for one that can feed four of your friends in Mc Donalds. Hubby ordered Sunday something which I forgot the name, it costs around 265.00 for an order and actually it tastes really good and really feeling. It just reminds me of the dish I usually cook on my FB’s Cafe World. I love their french toast, although, I love french toast when they are super soaked in butter and eggs.. I like french toasts really like firm but a little bit soggy. 


Bistro Mateo ( Tiendesitas )
9 pax @P3,500.00
Good deal according to Attorney Francis.
We had Kare-kare, Grilled Liempo, Mango salad with Bagoong really really yummy and Bangus. 🙂

This is really one gastronomic feast. the flavors are all so good. and I have the privilege to eat all the green mangoes I can get, because these boys are not so fond of this.

The service in Bistro Mateo is great. The Store Manager, is really accommodating, except for one, the Supervisor ( who according to the gossip to me of the store manager, is resigning soon because all her employees don’t like her. I had a little quarrel with her actually, because she did not permit us to shoot, whilst the store manager said it did not have any problem. But you know, some people are really trying to be really really difficult. ) So, I just bid her goodbye and wish her luck that in her next job, more employees will understand her attitude.

We had Jollibee chicken joy for dinner . Of course, you all know Jollibee’s chicken joy! 🙂

Spanish Sausages and rice P155.00
Churros con Chocolate P65.00

May 20
Breakfast complimentary of LPL Suites,Greenbelt, Makati

I always love Spanish food, Paella’s one of my favorites. We are so lucky that LPL Suites has this free breakfast to their guests – what’s so cool is that we only have to cross from our hotel to have our breakfast in Dulcinea.

I love the Churros here, it’s perfect. The chocolate is really  thick but not to sweet the churros is just right to the bite. I can never have enough of Churros con chocolate. I can eat it everyday! 🙂

Enjoying my Churros Con Chocolate in Dulcinea 

On our way to Atty’s Condo. Waiting for our ride. 

Birthday cake from the MAnila Peninsula. Atty. takes this home from his date with Ms. Pops at the Manila Pen.

Raisin Oatmeal cookie from Bo’s Coffee Shop P40,00