One of my most favorite jobs is being a talent search coordinator for PIlipinas Got Talent. I handled the first season and I was able to get Jeline Oliva the violinist to the grand finals. It was such a huge experience. I was able to enjoy watching the big show at Araneta Coliseum. After that Bicol wasn’t able to produce talent as good as Jeline. PGT is a tough competition with great talents mushrooming from all over the Philippines. 
 The fun part of the auditions was we were able to explore some of the key cities of Bicol, and some provinces and Islands too. There were too many experiences – gopd ones, bad ones, friendships were made, food trips here and there, never ending road travels, meeting new friends, establishing new networks, getting stranded for four days in the Island of Masbate, overheard women talking loudly about sex in the coffees shop in Masbate, assistant being harassed, and me being harassed too. 
Generally, the auditions will always run smoothly except for technical problems which was always the problem of the sound system – but entirely, although we spend almost 15 hours of doing the auditions. You just can’t help but to get addicted to it and get hooked with who among the auditionees will pass off during the preview – and most of all we got the priilege to know some of the auidtionees personally and be friends or enemies with some of them. 
There is no perfect event – and there is no perfect relationship or friendship ever – but what I learned from all of our runs though how tiring it was – I was able to help to fulfill some of the Bicolanos’ dreams to share their talent – no matter how good, or bad, worst or crazy or out of this world, weird, exaggerated, funny, pathetic  their performances were – some were just