I wear many hats. I’m a working mother. click here ( to find out more about what I do)    I cook.  I do household chores (well except for the laundry and ironing).  I do gardening (when I have time). I feed the kids. and I do these things repeatedly, almost everyday.

However, I’m a friend too, a sister, a soul mate, a wife, I join good causes like planting trees saving the Bicol River and I’m part-time  blogger.

I go to the public market. I enjoy doing this with my Mikee. I wear flip flops.

sometimes you just have to kick off your shoes and give your feet a rest.

It’s a complicated, haywire, multi-tasking ability to wear different “mother”  hats and fulfill all the roles all at the same time. I pick up the baby when she cries. I change diapers while cooking. I check emails while preparing snacks for the kids. I line in long queue to pay bills while reading. I manage my time between meetings and having coffee with friends.

my handy shoes saving me from corns and calluses.

 I walk when I’m not in a hurry for an appointment. Anyway, walking helps to lose weight. It makes me active and I enjoy the sights and sounds of the streets. My eldest daughter also enjoys walking. She walks from her school. As long as you have good shoes, she said, there’s no problem.

I wear different hats but I also wear different shoes. I wear comfortable shoes all the time as my work requires me to be mobile. I ride jeepneys, tricycles, bus, taxis, trains.

At the end of the day, I wanted to hug my feet. The most tired part of my body. I pampered it with foot spa sometimes. I buy shoes which I find comfortable, not necessarily expensive but priced right.

Fun run with the family. I wear a running shoes this time.

Flip flops when I want my feet to breathe…

Since I am a working mom, I try to spend time with kids. I want to have quality time with my daughters while I also envision myself to have a career and try to be as independent as possible.

When there’s extra time and savings,  I go places and take two or three shoes and a pair of slippers. Recently, my best friend  (check our adventure  in Manila HERE  ) had given me a pair of flexi ballet flats, it’s quite handy. It has even a cute gold shoe purse. When I’m tired wearing high heels, I can easily just snap it out of my bag and wear the cute foot gear.

I put on a very comfy shoes when travelling. I usually travel light. I’m very good in packing things.

By the way, some shoes are given by friends, others I buy personally at the local department store. I love fashion and I love shoes. I take time to find the shoes that I really like.

I am size 5 or 35. For now, my eldest daughter and I share shoes because she’s a size 5 too. I love this thing, I get to buy a nice and kinda expensive shoes quite a steal because both of us are wearing it. I just recently discovered that
ZALORA has a gorgeous collection of footwear for women. Click HERE to check out their range.

one of my favorite sneakers ( the one on the right)

Mom on the go.

work shoes. one of the things I love is when I get to rub elbows with celebrities and this time with my idol, ultimate crush, this is a very fan moment scene. 😀

 I sashay. I glide. I stride. I dance. I walk. I run. I leap  I sometimes wish I could fly.

So whilst I wear different hats as a mom, wife, at work, in the kitchen,  in my events and many other countless mommy roles. I also wear different shoes –  I wear flats, high heels, dancing shoes, boots,sneakers, pumps, wedges,slippers, flip flops which would compliment the many hats that I wear.

feet up!
city lights. happy feet.

At the end of the day, I kick off my shoes, call it a day and put up my feet and enjoy the stars at night.