Always perfect for coffee, tea or milk

I discovered baking  corn bread I guess when I was pregnant with Mikee. I was working home-based  that time. And because I was at home most of the time, I had the time to prepare meals for the family and try dishes and breads and pastries while waiting for the stork. That was years ago. Mikee is now three years old.

After I gave birth, I went back to work and was frantically busy with everything. Cooking and baking was put aside. But you know, when you’re a Mom, there’s always this longing to cook and bake something for the family. It happened again, the cooking muse found me again, one rainy afternoon trip when I was on my way home to Naga from Legazpi. As soon as I arrived Naga, I bought all the ingredients and baked again corn bread,our family’s favorite bread.

I got the recipe from this website click this link for recipe. Corn bread’s  origin according to some articles I read is from South America. This is a very quick and easy to bake bread that some even are making this bread in their skillet. No fuss recipe. All you have to do is to mix all the ingredients and wait for 30 minutes and the bread is ready to eat.

Lots of corn bread squares for the girls.
The color is golden yellow actually, sorry for my shot

With the corn bread recipe, I tweaked it a bit, I scrimped on white sugar and added some whole corn kernels so it would taste a lot like corn.  I also use ground yellow corn which you can easily buy at the Naga City Market for around P48.00 per kilo. I also use Magnolia unsalted butter in my recipe. Soon, I am planning to put some pili nuts, raisins, herbs and some cheese maybe. Depends on my mood. My husband said I am quite obsessed with baking corn bread. Well, I guess I am. I am striving and trying to make it more moist, adjust the flavors so the girls won’t get tired of eating the classic corn bread.

More or less, I guess a little less than P200.00 you will already have around 40 squares of corn bread. My daughters enjoy it with a glass of milk and they put peanut butter on top of their corn bread.


These smiles! I won’t get tired of baking cord bread everyday of my life!

I usually serve it warm to the girls. and I  keep those corn bread squares in my white pyrex click here to learn more about pyrex  container. so when they are  hungry, and even if I’m not looking, I can hear the clinking of the bowl – when you’re a mom, you will know the homey and fuzzy and warm feeling when you feed your family with food you baked and the love you put into it.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. I think your children will always remember you for that.

I’d like them to remember me that they know when I am at home  when they smell something is baking in the oven. When they are all grown up, my corn bread would always let them remember to come home to Mom and Dad. Then we will share corn bread with a cup of hot coffee or warm milk in the veranda. That’s going to be a perfect picture in the future.