Last Sunday I was able to coach newly hired employees of Ishi Grey’s Cafe in Tabaco, owned by Chef Aya Medel. I met her in one of the events in Naga, we shared stories, laughed a lot, bumped her often times at Ishi Aya Restaurant.  well, to make the story short, eventually we became friends.  I liked her in the first instant that we met,  in spite for the fact that she’s famous and popular, Chef Aya is still grounded, very friendly (online and offline). I admired how she managed to ride her roller coaster ride so bravely.

We usually get in touch on-line. One day,  she finally asked me to train her coffee shop staff. As they say, knowledge is power. And I’ll say having soft skills is also as powerful as knowledge.

With Chef Aya Medel, very sincere and down to earth.

My coaching/talk for this batch was mainly focused on developing confidence, work attitude and customer service and customer experience. One day wasn’t enough to cover all the topics and activities, however, just orienting them with some important skills that they should learn at work and most probably all the inputs I shared were very helpful to them in one way or the other



I did not know that I have a good speaking skills, according to them. I kind of inspire people to do good in life, in all aspects. i’m not a guru or something, I am just starting to give back to people the knowledge and skills I learned through out the years. I try to be as efficient in this field. I spent time watching videos, reading books, and planning to attend more seminars to upgrade my modules. I am trying to make a difference too – one batch of students at a time.

With trainings like this, I also get to enjoy cupfuls of coffee, brewed and espresso, name it, I had it all! And besides the unlimited coffee, I am happy that  I gained a friend in Chef Aya.

All this for the greater glory of God.