My indian neighbors I saw them all the time, holding, drinking, buying this red or yellow bottle of energy drink, day in and day out. Perhaps this would give them the boost and the kick for staying up late and they have a class the next day. This morning though, around 5:30 I was wondering why they would drink it at this early hour, with empty stomachs ( oh the mom in me!).

Maybe they had a long night reviewing for a quiz or an exam. Most of my neighbors are studying medicine in a nearby university. Sometimes, I saw them walk to school, in this hot searing heat, with no umbrella, sometimes, under the rain, they would appear at our gate, very drenched, with no umbrella again. I told myself, they can buy sting energy drink almost three or four or even more than five in a day( that’s more than a hundred pesos) but how come they couldn’t afford to buy an umbrella? (Again, the mom in me!)

When I cook turon and pansit, one of my Indian neighbors who frequently exchanged some smiles with me I offered her food but just smiled and refused. I heard most of them are vegetarians, they don’t really eat meat. I always smell the aroma of curry and other spicy dishes delivered to their doorstep in a metal food containers and the mineral water too. Most of the delivery guys just leave these stuff at their door and they labeled the stuff with Morm’s Bombs. ( We live near the Mormon’s Church). Relatively, this is a very quiet neighborhood, spiced sometimes with Salubong parties of the Indians at midnight, or their noisy chattering and grunts when there’s a power interruption in the middle of the night. They were obviously up because I know they are burying their noses in the books! I wonder who makes their coffee. (Again the mom in me! )

photo from google

I had one argument with my neighbor last time because of parking, you know they park their big motorcycles everywhere. I wanted them to learn that at least they should park it properly so we could all open the gate without shouting at them “who’s motorcycle is this?” There was a day that I had to knock on all the units’ door just to remove that big motorcycle! And that’s around 12 doors. It never happened that kind of parking again when one of my rides got damaged because of their carelessness. I told one indian that it’s he who had to adjust. I told him during our argument that “You don’t tell me what to do! This is my country, you adjust!” I was partly guilty because I am not really that war freak. They didn’t know that the Mom in me always wonder if they eat on time or were they getting enough sleep. Huh. These people! I am not friends with them, they don’t smile. Most of them are very tall, so maybe they don’t really see me. There’s one particularly handsome guy living upstairs, first unit. I was able to look into his unit when there was this electrical inspection and the guy needed an English translation because he couldn’t speak in English, So I went up and talked to the Indian guy. Inside the unit, books were everywhere, thick books! Then a mattress foam on the floor. The unit was surprisingly well kept, unlike the other units which really look greasy and filthy. I heard myself saying “very good” ( again the mom in me! ).

Anyway, this is a long post already. I am just actually worried about them drinking energy drink every single day. So I googled and came up with these results. Although it improves brain function because of the energy it gives, it’s full ofsugar and it’s not really healthy! Look at the side effects!

1 Palpitations / tachycardia
2 Tremor / shaking
3 Agitation / restlessness
4 Gastrointestinal upset
5 Chest pain/ischemia
6 Dizziness/syncope
7 Paresthesia (tingling or numbing of the skin)
8 Insomnia
9 Respiratory distress
10 Headaches

So, I wish they could shift to another energy boosting drink that’s more natural. or sleep on time so they would not consume too much of these energy drinks.

This post isn’t against energy drinks (although someways maybe it is) but I am not forcing you not to buy it, maybe just a warning not to have too much of it. I only googled the side-effects.