Hectic. That’s one word that we, mothers try to let people understand. It best describes us mothers because we live a really hectic life. We’re active, busy, frenzy people. Our life is really bustling with check lists, to do lists – which means grocery and wet market list, household chores list, priority list, work deadlines, paying bills, family, friends, other responsibilities  – all sorts of lists that actually make our lives really busy and tiresome, and chaotic and wonderful and yes hectic. Time isn’t on our side most of the time.

But that’s what we are made of. We are made to do things all at the same time. We work 24/7. The moment we hit the bed and say our  night prayer, we silently creating a menu for tomorrow’s meals, especially breakfast, laundry schedule, kids, work concerns and lots of things hovering in our minds as we fall asleep thinking of hundred of things to do tomorrow.

This is our make-up, we are made to be tough and organized and we are given the gift to multi-task – to balance the time for family, work and friends and other concerns, activities, pleasure, me-time and all sorts of –  those are not in chronological order. The need depends on which one is urgent and things or person to be prioritized. It looks okay from somewhere. It looks light and easy and fluid. but it is not what it seems like sometimes.

We seem to be tireless and strong and kind and nice – we appear to be like that – we are so good in playing our role well. We are best actresses. There are times that we just wanted to sit and read a book, or stay late in bed, or being carefree and  dance the night away, there are days that we are weak, hurt and broken and wanted to give up – and all sorts of; but we couldn’t. We are needed. We have a very important role in other people’s lives.

Because that’s what we are.  We are all sorts of. We are hectic with a lot of things happening once the sunrises and the sun sets and in-between the two wonderful times that marks and ends the day. We sleep still thinking of our family. Is the door locked? Is there still milk for the baby? Is there enough food for everyone? What should I prepare for breakfast the next day? Am I doing a good job as a mom?

The schedule for the next day is part of our night ritual. we pray. We pray that we will be tough and strong and happy and nice and kind because that’s how we show our love. We continue to love and care and kind and forgiving – and all sorts of; even in dreams.


With my girls on the pinkish sand of Subic in Matnog Sorsogon
Circa 2019